Architectural Lighting Design Services

  • Hire us by the hour to design the lighting for your complete project, provide a second opinion, or solve a lighting problem.
  • We understand the science of light and sight, with over 35 years of lighting design experience creating beautiful, energy efficient, low maintenance, happy spaces.
  • Our extensive lighting library includes the latest lighting fixtures and working samples to help you visualize your finished space.
  • Listed below are the phases of a project as the design team creates plans and fixture lists for permitting, bidding, and installation.

Lighting Design Concept

  • Site Visit

  • Review Plans

  • Prepare Budget

  • Control Options

  • LEED & Sustainability

  • Dark Sky

  • Aging Eye
  • Title 24

Lighting Design Development

Lighting Plan
  • Lighting Plan

  • Preliminary Fixture Schedule

  • Cost Analysis

  • Integrate Daylighting

  • Working Samples

  • Photometric Calculations

  • Control Systems

Construction Documents


fixture list

  • Construction Drawings

    Final Fixture Schedule

  • Fixture Specification Sheets

  • Lighting Control System

  • Control Matrix
  • Submittal review
  • Construction Site Visits

Final Fixture Schedule - Keyed to Lighting Plans

  1. Key – Fixture location with symbol and letter on drawing
  2. Location – Rooms using this fixture type

  3. Type – Task, Ambient, Feature, Decorative, Indirect, Under cabinet, Step, Landscape

  4. Mounting – Surface (Pendant, Ceiling, Wall, Under Cabinet, Toe Kick, Stem), Recessed (Ceiling, Wall, Downlight, Troffer, Step, In Ground), Portable (Table, Floor, Touchier), Outlet (Night Light)
  5. Manufacturer
  6. Fixture – Model Number, Trim, Finish, Ballast, Transformer, Driver
  7. Trim – Baffle, Louver, Lens, Filter, Diffuser, Shade
  8. Lamp / Light Source – LED, Retrofit LED, OLED, Incandescent, Halogen, Infrared Halogen, Xelogen, Xenon, Fluorescent, Self-Ballasted Fluorescent, Metal Halide, Sodium, Induction, Neon, Cold Cathode, Fiber Optic, Beam Distribution (Spot / Flood)
  9. Lamp Color Temperature – Color Rendering Index (CRI), Color Quality Scale (CQS) Kelvin Color Temperature (K)
  10. High Efficacy Code Compliance – Qualification varies depending on source, Power Consumption - Lumens Per Watt (LPW)
  11. Watts – Maximum lamp wattage per socket
  12. Control – Single Pole Switch, 3-Way, Dimmer, Timer, Motion Sensor, Occupancy Sensor, Daylight Sensor, Half Hot Switched Outlet
  13. PDF – Links to manufacturer's specification sheets


Brochure - Click for PDF




Posters Illustrate Lighting Design
Architectural Board of Review (ABR)
Historic Landmarks Committee (HLC)
Design Review Board (DRB)
Board of Directors and Design Team

First Church


Working Samples

Ceslestial Quickcove


Lighting Renderings

La Casa De Maria Terrace Room

Site Visits During Construction

UCSB Contractors

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