Aging Eye

Aging Eye Checklist

Scientists agree, as we age, we need more light.


“It is estimated that for the same light level, a typical 60-year old receives about one-third the retinal illuminance of a 20-year old.”

[Reference: Lighting Research Center, AARP Andrus Foundation, Lighting the Way: A Key to Independence by Mariana Gross Figueiro, 2001, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute AARP [PDF] (11-11-11)]


“Ian Bailey reported that the light adapted eye of a 20 year old receives six times more light than that of an 80 year old. In dark adapted conditions, the 20 year old eye receives about 16 times more light.  In comparison to younger persons, it is as though older persons were wearing medium density sunglasses in bright light and extremely dark glasses in very dim light.”

 [Reference: Working Group on Aging Workers and Visual Impairment, By National Research Council (U.S.).National Academies Press, 1987 – p. 1-67]