FAQ - Frequently Asked Lighting Questions

What is an architectural lighting designer?

  An architectural lighting designer's job is to integrate the lighting into the architecture, hardscape, and gardens by selecting lighting fixtures that create ambiance, enhance the architecture, and comply with codes. Services

Who hires a lighting designer?

  Architects, designers, contractors, and owners hire lighting designers to develop creative, cost effective, code compliant and energy efficient plans.

What are the benefits?


A lighting designer will use light and shadow to enhance the architecture predicting lighting effects resulting in beautifully lit spaces, avoiding costly mistakes, reducing  energy consumption, complying with prevailing codes, and your project finishing on time and on budget.  Philosophy

Why should I hire a lighting designer?


Lighting designers are passionate and knowledgeable about lighting. Since most do not sell or install equipment, they provide unbiased recommendations working to reduce energy costs and creating beautiful spaces.

When should I hire?


Hiring a lighting designer at the beginning of your project, allows the lighting to become integrated into the architecture, instead of rushed decisions at the end of the project; include a lighting designer as part of your design build team.

What will I get?


Lighting designers select lighting fixtures, lamps, and controls - creating lighting plans and fixture lists to assist in soliciting bids from electrical contractors, and guide construction. Architectural Lighting Design Services

Who do we recommend for installation?


For a list of design professionals with whom we have successfully worked in the past visit the Links page.

Is my project too small?


Small projects are important, all of our projects receive careful attention. Phone or send us an email to discuss your project.

Will I see catalogs and fixture samples?


In addition to printed catalogs and digital images, fixture and lamp samples allow you to visualize your finished lighting effects.

Do you need to see my project at night?


Experience and training enable your lighting designer to visualize your space with lights on or off, day or night. As part of the architectural documentation process, lighting design, is completed before the building is constructed.

What is Dark Sky Lighting?


Dark Sky Lighting techniques providing adequate outdoor lighting to perform visual tasks and to feel secure while avoiding sky glow, glare and light trespass. Dark Sky Lighting

Can seniors age in place?


Visit Aging Eye to learn about Solutions, Science, and Checklist. Supplemental lighting and good transitions enhance life quality and safety.

How much will the design cost?

   Each project is unique, call for an estimate.

More questions?


Contact us. Thank you for visiting our website.